Today is the last day to view “Serene Dreams” by @anthonysamaniego .We’re open from 12-6pm. Also, due to our event being cancelled tomorrow night the gallery will be closed until August 8th for our next opening. If you have any artwork to pick up please schedule an appointment through #slowculture


Beware of the Jay Howell Bat!!

Jay Howell (co-creator of Sanjay & Craig) took a moment to answer some random questions while he was working on his piece for the

US Open of Surfing


Q: What’s your favorite Vans?
A: I only wear Vans Authentics Black!
Q: What trick are you waiting to see on your piece?
A: Lots of “jumps!” and “airs” but yeah jumps!


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Kurt and Ernie
beach boyz n the hood
American gothic
buffalo bill Cosby
jay z Salinger
lil Caesars
biggie lebowski
salt n Pepas lonely hearts club band
Ryder die
finding neo
burger kings
oj Simpsons